Salsas Mexican Grill

Best of Lunch
Most meat simmered and served with
tomatoes, peppers and onions unless specified.

Lunch Fajitas
A lunch sized portion of sizzling fajitas
your choice of steak or chicken. Choice of Rice or Beans.
~ 8.99 ~

Burrito Fajita (1)
One burrito filled with grilled
onion, chicken or steak fajita.
Topped with nacho cheese, guacomole salad and choice of rice or beans
~ 7.45 ~

Enchiladas Poblanas
Two chicken enchiladas
covered with mole poblano, shredded cheese,
rice and chopped onions
~ 6.75 ~

Lunch Chimichanga (1)
Beef or Chicken with lettuce,
tomato, sour cream and your choice
of rice or beans
~ 7.45 ~

Quesadilla Rellena (1)
One shredded beef or chicken Quesadilla
with crema salad and choice of rice or beans
~ 6.45 ~

Huevos Rancheros
Two eggs covered with ranchero style sauce
served with rice and beans
~ 6.75 ~

Lunch Seafood Chimichanga (1)
One shrimp and crab meat with celery,
tomato, onions. Your choice of rice
or beans and crema salad
~ 7.55 ~

Burrito Deluxe (1)
One beef and bean or one
chicken and bean burrito topped with
lettuce, tomato and sour cream with
choice of rice or beans
~ 6.75 ~

Taco Salad
Crispy flour tortilla shell
with beef or chicken and beans, lettuce,
tomato, cheese and sour cream
~ 7.69 ~

Fajita Salad
Grilled chicken over a bed of lettuce,
tomato, carrots, cucumbers
and cheese
~ 8.25 ~

Burrito San Jose
One 10” burrito stuffed with
Grilled chicken, chorizo, rice, beans
cheese, pico de gallo and topped
with cheese dip
~ 8.50 ~

Dos Taquitos (flautas)
One beef and one chicken fried taquitos
with lettuce, tomato,
sour cream and rice
~ 8.25 ~






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